HoloLens, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

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HoloLens – Augmented Reality – VirtuReality

Texts. Movies. Interactions. The sheer variety of different media has led to the continuous development and optimisation of e-learning in recent years. We can create exciting, interactive and motivating learning experiences – no doubt. However, one challenge remains. Mixed Reality as a new medium allows us to master this challenge!

A challenge: The transfer

The recognition, translation, and interpretation of two-dimensional information, as well as three-dimensional illustrations, which are confined to two dimensions on a paper or screen, require enormous cognitive energy to be converted into three-dimensional actions. ‘Not enough working memory!’ Thus, we block useful resources of our working memory, the so-called RAM of our brains. However, these cognitive resources are needed for planning and the actualisation of our behaviours. The challenge is particularly noticeable where learned two-dimensional actions have to be transferred to spatial activities.


Drucker Warnhinweise

It is difficult to say for which components these warning labels apply. What does the symbol with the call sign mean again? Would you know at first glance what you are not supposed to touch when you open the printer?

It is easier if someone shows it to us on the actual object. Within a few seconds, we have processed the information and turned it into the appropriate actions.

Mixed Reality Darstellung
Microsoft HoloLens Demo

Why not project digital information on top of the actual object? That would be brilliant!

It is called Virtual Reality, or Mixed Reality!

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The fusion of Virtual Reality and real-life. Also known as Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality. An innovation that elevates businesses beyond the gaming industry.

HoloLens allows reality to become the user interface and carrier medium for digital information. The user sees what actions are needed the second they are required. The transfer from ‘textbook’ to reality is no longer necessary. Swift and efficient execution of tasks are now possible. Even inexperienced persons can execute task correctly, thanks to the support of AR.

The user manual of the future. HoloLens, Google Glass, ODG R-7, or ‘smart glasses’ in general are the user manual and device training of the future.

Figure 3 and 4: Augmented reality. Link digital information directly with real environments when needed.


‘How can I learn if it is always shown to me.’

On the contrary. You will learn faster than from a printed manual. Even the tiniest amount of physical activity during learning can support the learning process. You better recall actively processed tasks and executed actions than passively absorbed information.

Still sceptical? Great! We would love you to experience the effect of virtual real learning first-hand!

When do you want us to visit? We love to show you more than the demo versions! No! We also bring already realised applications like the new learn and service model used by Raiffeisen Informatik Technical Services.

We were awarded ‘best HoloLens project’ at the Learntec 2018 as well as numerous mentions during our CREATE appearance in early 2018. We are also the first award-winning HoloLens project in the German-speaking e-learning market! The CREATE innovation will continue!