Personalised. Adaptive. Skill-oriented.

Personalised. Adaptive. Skill-oriented

Hours of standardised e-learning is a thing of the past!

Adaptive learning is now.

Let us engage with learners according to their levels and needs. How many times have you thought that you already know much of the course content and could use your time for other more important things? Then you realise, however: you are unable to skip forward. You have to complete the entire content to finish the course successfully. Frustrating and inefficient. An offer tailored to the individual needs of each learner would be ideal. Too complicated? The further development of SCORM ‘Experience API’ and the underlying LRS (Learning Record Store) allows us to apply the lessons learnt. The provided content is continuously adapted to the needs and skills of each learner. Furthermore, the entire process accounts for the company-specific internal agreements of your existing e-learning context. Our solution for adaptive learning in the 21st century: the skill-oriented cBook!


The experts for need-orientated, individually adaptive learning.

We support you as you continue along your road of no longer adapting learning offers to roles, but to the needs of all learners – continuously. Efficient. Effective. Personalised. For everyone.

Kompetenznetz, kompetenzorientiert lernen

Figure 1. Individual and continuous inventory for a tailored learning offer. No ‘redundant’ content. Targeted skill development.

Step 1

Let us move away from learning according to the shotgun approach.

Towards skill-oriented learning.

What skills does a learner already have?

Which potentials still need to be unlocked?

Step 2

Skills are not the only aspect to be considered individually.

The circumstances, in which learning occurs, require equal consideration. These can be divided into three learning moments. Content should not only be tailored to skill needs. Different formats and materials provide the learners with information in the moments of development, the moments of need and the moments of inspiration.

CREATE reunites learning theories under the concept of three learning moments in 2018. We already achieved this with the content pyramid in 2005 and with the cBook in 2016, which has met with broad-based acceptance among users.

Imagine you want to browse through ‘snackable content’ on your smartphone and gather ideas while you are out and about. Yet, standardised WBT is the only content available to you, and you have to flip through it. Alternatively, perhaps you are sitting at work and need specific information this instant. However, standardised WBT is the only content available to you, and you have to flip through it first to find the answer to your question. Suitable for all devices – and ideal for the learning moment.


Liberate yourself from the device!

Content should not be developed for a single technology but the learning moment. We go beyond user device optimisation. Stimulating content in the moment of inspiration. Comprehensive information in the moment of development. Specific knowledge for the moment of need.

Right content at the right moment. The three learning moments. The design of the content account not only for the device but also for the learning moment. Mit CREATE solutions allow you to be flexible at the moment of learning and move beyond the limits of the devices. Example cBook: Inspiration through moving multimedia elements. Comprehensive content with interactive explanations in Story mode. Look up specific information in Book mode.


Figure 2. The three learning moments. We accompany learners beyond performance support and learning on demand. Continuous learning tools such as the cBook Inspirations provide ideas and inspiration for your everyday work and future developments.

CREATE utilises innovative solutions

to support your learners in all three learning moments in a skill-oriented and personalised way. We look forward to your challenges in the individual skill development of small or large target groups.

Stela Storytelling Kompetenzorientiert

Stela – LMS with storytelling

cBook Landingpage mit Features. Kompetenzorientiert Lernen

cBook – blended learning

Kompetenzorientiert Lernen unterwegs

cCast – responsive content

Interaktives Lernvideo Lernen mit Mr.Fish

Mr Fish – interactive video

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