Interactive learning videos

Interarctive Learning Videos

The next step of digital learning experiences

The use of a video for practical examples, playful interactivity, as well as simulation of crucial situations, are essential elements of online learning. The business content follows the CREATE content model: Create awareness! Traditional training courses, as well as practical exercises, are the most used online teaching methods. The finer points are missing. An extra step is needed to teach aspects like communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills.

Mr Fish is the first and unique 2D/3D learning experience that uniquely combines video, interaction, and simulation and therefore creates a lasting learning experience.

A combination that works!

These ‘videos’ become a learning experience based on their high degree of interactivity. They consist of individual video sequences and simulation sections. Personalised, intuitive, and non-linear. Non-linear? Yes, just like in everyday life, the learner freely decides how to interact and where to go with each situation. Each person in the simulation responds differently depending on the actions of the learner – the better the decision-making in the conversations, the faster they reach their goal. Of course, the customer may have ‘no time left’ to conclude the sales pitch and suddenly gets rid of the learner. A real-life situation. The learner controls the direction of the conversation.

Interaktives Lernvideo Lernen mit Mr.Fish

Dry and prefabricated training works in theory. In practice, it has little to do with humans that require more from you than a few memorised phrases. These behaviours demand interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to understand and evaluate the other person. All this is shown in subtleties that text charts alone cannot convey. That is why ‘Catch the fish’ is an interactive training experience through a video with intuitive learning approach.

Authentic. Loveable. Not always easy or straightforward.

The video component creates high-levels of practical application and perceived reality. The learner interacts with actual people who show barely distinguishable micro-emotions, gestures, and expressions instead of artificial 3D avatars – and we have them on video. This way, learning soft-skills in recruiting, sales, and performance reviews make sense, fun, and provides learning success in a shorter time.

The technology & method of Mr Fish distinguishes itself

Cinematic video experience




Intuitive learning situations


Customisable and personalised


Non-linear simulations with complex decision paths


Individual use of Mr Fish in various media and learning projects


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Application of interactive learning videos

CREATE is used everywhere where soft skills and social competencies are required. Real-life working situations, adapted to the target group create training and video simulations for the areas of sale, onboarding, and leadership. Discover, together with our interactive learning experts, the appropriate application for Mr Fish in your e-learning projects and provide a unique learning experience for your employees.

Interaktionsoberfläche des Projekts ab-gelenkt


One example that does not stem from the traditional application areas like sales training or onboarding is The project demonstrates that interactive learning videos can be used for (almost) every application.

How might such an inspiration cBook look?
Our reference projects bring clarity but also inspire.