cBook inspirations

Learning in the moments of development and the moments of need.


Moments in which learners engage in goal-oriented learning for various reasons. Where one individual makes use of educational content in the course of targeted skills development, another needs quick and easy access to information for an immediate application. Nowadays technologies can cater to these learning moments perfectly. VR-glasses are the next step in the comprehensive on-demand supply of information.

With a high level of design responsibility.

Do you know the three learning moments?

While travelling by train.

Arbeiten durch den Austausch mit Kollegen in der Pause

During a break.

Comfortable on the couch.

A different type of content is needed during moments in which we lack targeted development nor have the required information. New impressions. Ideas. Inspiration.

We are


in the moment of inspiration

The potential of these moments is not done justice with compressed e-learning contents designed for targeted skill development or looking things up. Browsing journals. Scrolling through expert websites. Suddenly – an exciting video. We look at it and see an idea that we would like to apply in our everyday work. We have just been inspired. Intrinsically motivated, we continue to research. On your accord. Without information overload.

THIS is using the inspiration of the moment.

Previous e-learning offerings were developed to cater for the other two learning moments. They do this brilliantly. Moreover, they will continue to do so in the future. Nevertheless, they seldom inspire.

Beispielchart von cBook Inspirations

Figure: Browse. Read. Inspire. cBooks inspirations. Videos. Articles. Interactions. Free usable content formatted with diverse cBook options.


With this knowledge, we developed the cBook inspirations for our customers specifically. New/Different leadership methods and inspiring content. Articles. Interviews. Videos, and much more. Embedded in the unique cBook technology. That is how an innovative and digital tool for inspiration was created, suited to all executives, regardless of age or work experience.

cBook. Learning. Look up AND inspire.

The appropriate content for each learning moment and every target group.

These inspiring contents live from diversity and continuous development. The integration of authoring tools allows you to add inspirational content continuously. A growing medium.

How might such an inspiration cBook look?
Our reference projects bring clarity but also inspire.